The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any event which infringes the charitable objects of the Hall’s Deed of Trust, does not comply with its policies and procedures, or which the Committee feels are inappropriate for the venue.

1.         The Village Hall is able to hold 100 people for any type of event. This number includes children. These numbers are laid down by Building Control, and must be complied with. In view of ongoing COVID-19 issues, 60 persons continues to be the recommended occupancy.

2.         Evening functions should end at 12 midnight unless a special extension is given.

3.         If you require a bar the Hall Committee will run one for you.  No drink can be brought into the hall without prior arrangement with the Booking Secretary. The hall has a resident licensee for all bar use.

4.         Drinks are not allowed to be consumed outside the hall after 10pm

5.         The Hall holds a Public Entertainment Licence which covers events open to the public and for which you are asking payment.

6.         As the person who makes the booking you are deemed to be the ‘responsible person’ unless you name another as such and must be over 21 years of age. This means that it is your responsibility to:

a) read the ‘FIRE ACTION NOTICE’ displayed in the main hall and act accordingly in the event of a fire;

b) ensure fire exits and fire safety equipment are not obstructed;

c)  ensure the function is run in an orderly manner and intoxicated or disorderly people are removed;

d) discuss the use of candles with the Booking Secretary before the event;

e)  make sure cars are parked in such a way as not to obstruct the road outside or access to the building;

f)  ensure people arrive and depart as quietly as possible;

g) enforce the regulations on ‘no smoking in public places’ and pay any fines arising out of a breach of the law;

h) leave the hall clean and tidy with no litter inside or outside the hall.

(See COVID-19 Prevention document).

7.         The Hall Committee does not accept liability for lost or stolen property from in or around the Hall, nor for damage to, or loss from vehicles.

8.         The Hall Committee does not permit the use of hazardous items e.g. Chinese lanterns, pyrotechnic effects, paraffin heaters etc and they should not be brought onto the premises at any time.

9.         The Hirer is liable for any damage to the hall or its contents.  The Committee shall determine the amount involved for any repairs.

10.       Although the insurance policy for the hall covers non-commercial hirers of the hall for public liability, the hirer must abide by the policy conditions which are available from the Committee.  Commercial users must take out their own public liability cover and indemnify the Traquair Village Hall Trustees and Management Committee against any claims arising from the use of the hall.

11.       If you, as hirer, intend to prepare and/or serve food in the hall you are responsible for food safety.  You must also complete the forms in the folder kept in the kitchen.

            The following statement is provided by the Food Safety Officer of Scottish Borders Council.

  • Hirers are required to ensure compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990, the Food Hygiene (Scotland) Regulations 2006, and any other subsequent regulation
  • Hirers are expected to familiarise themselves with the facilities available, and to ensure that they are adequate with the purpose intended
  • Hirers will be required to remove all waste from the environs of the hall and where necessary make special arrangements for its removal with a licenced contractor before the final vacation of the premises.
  • Caterers must:
  • Have a documented food safety management system
  • Have trained staff on duty, complying with safety courses accepted by the Scottish Borders Council
  • Ensure that all food has been prepared in such a way that will not result in a civil action being raised.

12.      The Village Hall provides free Wi-Fi to hirers. This is a limited service which should be used responsibly. Use of AV equipment should be discussed with the booking secretary beforehand, so that usage can be demonstrated. Equipment must not be altered or tampered with.

13.      Any mains electrical equipment brought into the hall must show compliance with PAT testing.

14.      Storage of equipment by regular hirers must be in the loft, and a request must be made to the Committee before such storage is made. The Committee reserves the right of discretion in this matter.

15.      A deposit is required upon the initial hall hire request and a formal booking must be made. At the point of reservation a 50% deposit of the hire costs must accompany the booking form. In the event of cancellation by the hirer twenty eight days prior to the hire taking place, a full refund of the deposit will made. Cancellation after that date, the deposit will be forfeit.

16.       If the hire charge is not paid in full before the event, entry to the hall will be refused and the deposit forfeited.

17.      Amended COVID-19 Prevention – Please see separate document.

18.      Raffles. Any hirer who wishes to run a raffle must comply with the following and ensure that the Committee is informed of this compliance.

  • The organisation running the raffle is registered with the local authority if tickets are sold to the public. This does not apply to a private function with invited guests.
  • Must comply with the 2005 Gambling Act.
  • Raffle and lottery promotors must keep track of all ticket sales.
  • Promoters must keep official records.
  • It is illegal to give out tickets to participants for free.
  • There are now regulations of what needs to be recorded on raffle tickets.

The Terms and Conditions document should be read in conjunction with the Traquair Village Hall Checklist and the COVID-19 Prevention document.