New curtains

Our committee has been working towards this for a long time, and the hall has finally now had new curtains installed. They replace the existing ones which had been in-situ for 30+ years and had become rather faded over time.

The new ones were individually hand-made by a nearby resident, Jean Bruce, and took several weeks to assemble. We sourced a matching Stewart tartan cloth to retain the same pattern as the ones they had replaced, but also incorporated a thick thermal insulating layer as well as a blackout liner on the back.
This should help keep the hall warmer in the winter months, provide near-total blackout in the hall for using our projector & screen, and also protect the cloth from fading in the sunlight over time.

We have also replaced the old rails with heavy-duty metal tracks and we hope that these new curtains will last as well as the ones that they replaced.

This has been a significant investment for the hall, costing us several thousand pounds, but is part of our strategy to invest in the building and keep it well-maintained for the future.

Out with the old…
…and in with the new