Making a booking at the hall can be carried out online. Simply follow the steps below to request a date and your request will be reviewed and approved.

Step 1: Choose a date
In order to make a booking, browse the calendar to an available date. Click the + icon in the corner of your chosen date:

Step 2: Your contact details
This will take you to the booking page where you will be asked to provide your contact details or login if you have used the online booking system before:

Step 3: About your booking
Please provide information relevant to your booking. This information is required in order to ensure the correct charges are applied and allows us to review and confirm your booking.
If you wish to make a repeat booking for consecutive days or weeks, then check the box for “Recurring Booking” and select the frequency. You should have already contacted the Booking Secretary to agree availability for a repeat booking.
Select the Activity type from the option list based on the type of booking you wish to make.

Step 4: Additional information
If you have any additional requirements then select them under Additional Items and press the Add button to apply them to your booking. Some items will incur a charge, others are for our information so that we can ensure they are available.

Finally, add any other information relevant to your booking:

The Privacy option sets whether a booking is shown in the calendar on our website. By default, all bookings are private and only show the date and time of the booking. If your event is open to the public you can change this setting and the event name and description will be visible to everyone.

Once you have saved your booking you will receive an email acknowledging your request. It will then be reviewed and you will receive confirmation and an invoice by email.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your booking please do not hesitate to get in touch.